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will have an update on the sperm tax. [laughter] >> the clock is ticking. taxes are due but most americans now pay someone else to do that because the rules are so complex. >> i have an accountant. >> you don't want to do it yourself. >> i have no idea and i promise this is true. >> he does my taxes. i don't want to pay him but i have to because i understand the rules. i bet you don't either. tonight we will test to. >> one state offers a $50 tax credit for losing both arms. >> that shows how crazy the irs took your money to make the film that without them the earth would be in chaos. >> money laundering, bribery >> some people want higher taxes, but we are already taxed to death. that is our show. tonight. john: justice oliver wendell holmes once said taxes are what we pay for a civilized society. liberals like to cite that but he said that in 1927 when taxes were just 10 percent of gdp. that is enough to pay for a civilized society but government has grown so far far, so fast it is now spending 40 percent of gdp. is too big but i do want to to pay my fair share. what is fair? i now give
the boston terrorist attack continues next with neil cavuto. ♪ an update on the sperm tax. [laughter] >> the clock is ticking. taxes are due but most americans now pay someone else to do that because the rules are so complex. >> i have an accountant. >> you don't want to do it yourself. >> i have no idea and i promise this is true. >> he does my taxes. i don't want to pay him but i have to because i understand the rules. i bet you don't either. tonight we will test to. >> one state offers a $50 tax credit for losing both arms. >> that shows how crazy the irs took your money to make the film that without them the earth would be in chaos. >> money laundering, bribery >> some people want higher taxes, but we are already taxed to death. that is our show. tonight. john: justice oliver wendell holmes once said taxes are what we pay for a civilized society. liberals like to cite that but he said that in 1927 when taxes were just 10 percent of gdp. that is enough to pay for a civilized society but government has grown so far far, so fast it is now spending 40 percent of gdp. is to
[laughter] >> the clock is ti >> the clock is ticking, taxes resume. most americans now pay someone else to do them because the rules are so complex. >> it is something you never want to do yourself. >> i have no idea what's in them and i am signing mine promising this is all true. >> this is bob, he does my taxes. i don't want to pay bob but i have to because i don't understand the rules. i bet you don't know the rules either. tonight are games real or fake? we will test you. >> one state offers a $50 tax credit for losing both arms. is that real or fake? >> we are not sure shows how great it is that the irs spends your money to make this film that says without the irs we would be in chaos. >> this is money laundering bribe before -- bribery. >> some want higher taxes. >> we are already taxed to death. (scream) >> that's hoour show tonight. frush >> and now john stossel. >> wendell holmes the former supreme court justice once said taxes are what we pay for a civilized society. liberals like siting that but holmes said that in 1927 when taxes were just 10 percent of gdp. that's enou
every resource possible to bring to justice the perpendicular freight tax raters. he'll be speaking in about 0 minutes, he meaning president obama, to the nation. i'll do whatever i can to are support the people of boston and the commonwealth of massachusetts as we all will, all will during this difficult time. mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that all time be yielded back on the nomination and following a moment of silence for the tragic events that took place in boston earlier today, the senate then proceed to vote on the confirmation of the nomination. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection, so ordered. the senate will observe a moment of silence. silence silence silence [moment of silence] the presiding officer: the question is on the nomination. mr. reid: ask for the yeas and nays. the presiding officer: is there a sufficient second? there appears to be. the clerk will call the roll. vote: vote: vote: the presiding officer: are there any senators wishing to vote or to change their vote? if not, the yeas are 92. the nays are zero. and the nomination i
: the clock ticking, two days away and good riddance, 6 million hours and filing taxes each year and the president' budget calling to close loopholes and say here say we need to overhaul the massive tax code to kick our economy into overdrive. i'm tracy byrnes in for brenda buttner. jerry g smith, toe lynn smith, jonas max ferris and witness, john, time to scrap the tax code altogether. will it help jump start this economy? >> yes, it will help jump start this economy, we have over 72,000 plus pages right now of tax code because we've had decade after decade of politicians giving favors to different people and we cannot simply put more bandaids on it. and what are we going to do, put more on top of those pages? it costs americans 34 billion dollars a year in compliance right now, we're at historic lows as far as revenue to gdp, 15 to 16% and the only way to get there fairly is to completely overhaul this antiquated horribly system. >> i'm with him 110%. how are you going to get through the lobbyists and special interest groups, and marching out to get the political favors done fo
should be equal to expenses or expenses -- when you say balance we need to have a tax. >> when i say balance, spending cuts and revenue as a balanced approach. >> you mean -- >> not a tax rate that tax reform. >> taxpayers -- >> by closing loopholes. >> when listeners hear you say balance the need to think tax increase because that is what we're talking about. >> the right way to think of it is a balanced approach which is spending cuts. >> right where wrong way -- >> to review the record -- >> to your image two years ago the president, obamacare, achieved a tax increase most of which had fiscal hit beginning next year. a lot of those taxes hit what he calls middle-class families and everybody else. three months ago we had a tax increase under the fiscal cliff arrangement and now we sit here with this budget which proposes a tax increase over the next ten years and you just said from minute ago that even under this proposal, we are not making entitlement programs sustainable but in fact we need to have another conversation after this tax increase gets done and i assume we are going t
,000 you will not see your taxes increase by a single dime. not your income tax, not your payroll tax. not your capital gains tax. not any tax. >> neil: wait a minute! that was then, you make over 250 grand, pay up. this is now, you make less than 250 grand, look out. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavu cavuto. isn't that rich? it's not just the rich. as the president gets away with his budget, a lot more people open up their wallets. smokers see a tax on cigarettes almost $2 and flyers padded down or 18 billion for aviation security and even drivers, who will be paying more at the pump to help cover a clean 94 billion, new energy taxes, for presumably clean air and i haven't gotten into how favors of all sorts will be out of sorts when they see the fees shoot up because banks and insurance company taxes are going way up. so i could go on, but let me just add it up for you pretty much right now. a trillion dollars, a trillion dollars in new taxes that some of my colleagues today find a little bit more than just taxing. charles payne, dagen mcdowell. adam lashinsky, charlie gasperino, ch
on the amount of tax dollars collects from illinois. and illinois congressman says the time for tax reform has come. >> and comedy legend carol burnett takes us behind the scenes of her iconic show and shares stories of her daughter she lost to cancer. >> when she died, i didn't think i could -- i didn't want to live, really. >> this is my property and i'm going to defend it. >> robbed over a dozen times, he finally had enough. >> i finally caught him. >> how this store owner took matters into his own hands. ♪ >> welcome to huckabee, we are live tonight from little rock, arkansas. all right. tomorrow your taxes are due. if you didn't already know that. and i've got some good news and some bad news. the good news is that your government thinks you're a millionaire. the bad news is that even though you aren't, your taxes are going up. and even though the president promised otherwise. >> if your family earned less than $250,000 a year, a quarter million dollars a year, you will not see your taxes increase a single dime. i repeat, not one single dime. >> oh, really? well, you felt it at the beg
with all of the complexities of the tax code. melissa: what is the solution, in your mind? >> we do not want small businesses to be left out. we are talking about tax reform. we are talking about lowering rates for corporations. we want to make sure that small businesses are not left out. the vast majority of small businesses file their taxes as an individual or a couple. melissa: without also include simplifying the tax code? >> absolutely. we have to simplify the tax code. this thing is tremendously large. it is just far too complex. this has been an ongoing issue with the federal government. simplification is a huge part of that. melissa: it seems like you are fighting a losing battle. all we hear lately are higher taxes. no one is getting their taxes lowered. >> that is one area that we are looking at to stimulate the economy or to get growth in the economy. lower those tax rates. big companies be as competitive all across the world. you have companies that will be looking to other places to produce. that is one of the things we are trying to do to a lot of the companies. meliss
those are fixing our broken, outdated and complex tax code and balancing our budget. i'm sure you will hear from mr. ryan and others on the need to balance the budget, which is the administration's budget never does so i will focus today on the tax code. america's tax code is broken. and i'm committed to working with anyone, republican or democrat, to fix it. and that's why i was encouraged the president put forward a plan to tackle a few of the challenges facing our tax code in his budget. but the simple truth is that the president's proposal isn't the real reform we need and it doesn't go nearly far enough to address the need of all job creators. the problem with our tax code isn't how much money it makes for washington. in fact, our government is on track to double the amount of money it takes from from hard-working taxpayers over the next ten years, proving government has all of the revenue it needs. instead the problem with the tax code is it cost american families too much, too much in time, too much in money, to comply with it. mr. secretary, you know these facts. americans
about illegal immigrants. for instance, many believe illegals don't pay taxes. reap erican jobs, and american health benefits. >> i think a lot of people believe illegal immigrants because of the misinformation that is out there. you often hear that immigrants take healthcare or public welfare programs. but when you fill out a form, you have to prove your citizenship in order to acquire those type of public benefits. well, they pay taxes. they pay taxes when they resident a property, when they buy a home, pay groceries, just like any other citizen, they are paying taxes. and a little bit more misinformation that's out there is immigrants do pay taxes in the form of federal income taxes or even alabama state income taxes when you fill out an i-9 form. so even as an undocumented immigrant worker, if u an i-9 form, which most employers do require, they are paying taxes into the system that any other documented citizen does pay. the difference is they never reap the benefits from those taxes being paid into the number is hen a so used for work, they're paying into the system, and i
't pay taxes, take american jobs and reap american health benefits. >> a lot of people believe that illegal immigration is an issue because of the misinformation that is out there. you also hear that illegal take health care but when you fill out a form you have to prove your citizenship to acquire those types of benefits. we also hear a lot about they don't pay taxes. well, immigrants do pay taxes, when they rent a property, when hey buy gas, when they pay for groceries, like any other citizen they are paying taxes. they pay taxes in the form of federal income taxes when you fill out an i-9 form. even as an undocumented worker and you have an i-9 form you are paying taxes just as any other documented citizen does pay. the difference is they will never be able to reap the benefits from those taxes being paid into the system because they are undocumented. even when it is all false -- false social security number is being used if wore that is paying into a system they will never touch. host: ignorance and misinformation has clouded the issue of illegal iminvestigation. -- immigra
. that authorized you to fund the port property and it expanded the range of eligible use of tax increments with respect to the america's cup 80 to ask the state if it would allow infrastructure districts to capture the state that quarter of property tax dollars that goes up to the state and 801199 the state approved our ability to capture that tax increment under certain circumstances. >> i want to provide a little bit of the background between the ports fund. the bureau ton act which transfers from state to city control requires that we maintain a separate harbor fund it's separate from the city's general fund. we've done analysis over time to look at property taxes and the cost of city services on port property. there's a bit of a gap. there's some sources that are urban leashed and don't generate tax precedes. and there's a cost of providing city services in that budget. and we try and track that over time. there's a general prim the harbors shouldn't subsidize or excuse me. the general fund shouldn't subsidize those services. the improvements to piers and seismic upgrades there in t
that deals with the need to make sure that the taxes raised within the district of columbia by the people of the district of columbia can in fact be put toward those important essential services that are paid for by the taxes of the people of the district. so although that isn't directly related to today's legislation, i think it's critical that we as the ultimate stewards of the federal city recognize that we cannot run the federal city, we cannot budget the federal city, we cannot in fact do what mayors and city councils do as well as they do. so although i share with my colleagues that it is the responsibility the constitution gives us, i join with my colleague, ms. norton, in saying that in fact we will live up to the president's request in the budget, we will offer legislation from our committee in the next month or so so that long before the passage of appropriations we once again have a piece of legislation before this committee that deals with a long overdue reform to the home rule act. and i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california re
's stir for more taxes shows more bounce for the state of maryland led by democratic governor ann will impose these so-called green tax the law, which goes into effect the first of july taxes maryland residents for the square footage of services on their property because reeves, driveways, and patio's prevent water from seeping back into the ground. fox news washington correspondent is on the story for us. this sounds like it is going to affect just about everybody in maryland. >> mostly. you know, it affects their lenders who live in one of the state's nine largest counties you also have, as you said, roof, driveway, patio of any kind of impervious surface that does not absorber and fall. those people will also have to pay the rent tax starting july 1st. these types of these are becoming more common, believe it cannot. cities in florida, texas, illinois, and other states and started levying them because the enormous protection agency imposes new limits on strong water runoff. some say the epa may not have the authority to do that, but maryland is pushing ahead to meet these new s
. speaker. i appreciate you allowing me this time today. yesterday was tax day. and i've got taxes on my mind, mr. speaker. you know as most folks in this chamber do that h.r. 25, the fair tax, is the most widely co-sponsored, most widely supported fundamental tax reform legislation in the house and in the senate. both the house and the senate. 64 of our colleagues in the house, mr. speaker, have put their name on h.r. 25, the fair tax. eight of our senate colleagues have put their name on h.r. 25, the fair tax. the fair tax is a revolutionary proposal, mr. speaker, in that it takes all of the power of the tax code out of washington, d.c., and returns it to men and women back home. you know we can manipulate the behavior of anyone in america through the tax code. if i want folks to wear more pink ties and fewer blue tie, i'll subsidize pink ties for 250% and tax blue ties for 250% and we'll change behavior overnight. do you remember, mr. speaker, when we had the electric vehicle tax credit back in 2010? it was a $7,500 tax credit. we said we are going to give $7,500 to every american to
growth for periods up to 45 years. and the difference compared to redevelopment is property taxes are divided into a number of recipients the state gets a property tax dollar and the remaining $0.10 is divided up between the school district and community college district. and under an infrastructure financing district typically the only increment that can be captured is the $0.65. you can't capture the money it goes to schools or to the community college district. so it's property taxes can be used to a finance infrastructure through bonds or on a pay as you go basis. the ports are structured a little bit differently. redevelopment focused on providing affordable housing. by state law 20 percent of the increment must be spent on parks, bay assess and the remove of bay fill. as you know there's significant historic contamination along the port property. so in 2005 is when we first went up to try to develop the tool and it was really based on the work that the director and cf o director did in the first 10 year capital plan. the plan says the structural financial plan is not in its
in 10 years. brewster the nation's fiscal cut that tax loopholes that take a fair and balanced approach. at the same time the budget incorporates elements to speaker by last december. they make the difficult choices to find common ground. consistent with that offer come in the budget includes being the president would not put forward such as means testing command that a character in a related premiums and the more accurate the less generous measure of inflation. it includes proposals only so they come together around a complete and comprehensive package to shrink the deficit by $1.8 trillion over 10 years and are meant the fiscal uncertainty that hampers economic growth and job creation. this remark does not represent the starting point for negotiation. represent tagamet savings and additional roadrunners for those of the. the two cannot be separated and were not separated last december when we were close to a bipartisan agreement. this budget provides achievable solutions to fiscal problems, the crucial a solution desired, we have to do more than focus on deficit and debt. the signific
after the death of hugo chÁvez. as millions of americans file their income taxes today, we will speak with one who won't. ed hedemann. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. nicolÁs maduro has won venezuela's presidential election more than a month after the death of hugo chÁvez. he was the chosen successor from chÁvez, nearly defeated ofriles with just over 50% the vote. capriles has refused to concede the race and is demanding a recount. the turnout of registered voters are past 78%. we will have more after the headlines. guards at the guantanamo bay military prison have intensified their crackdown on a hunger strike by detainees. the pentagon says guards fired non-lethal rounds of prisoners on saturday after trying to move them into isolated, one-man cells. at least one prisoner was hit with a rubber coated bullet. the military claims it took action after prisoners covered windows and surveillance cameras. it also says prisoners used improvised weapons to resist the guards' sweep. defense attorneys s
taxes are due. tomorrow is the deadline to file your taxes. we want to hear from you on how you would fix or simplify or change america's tax code. 146irs is processing million personal income tax returns this week. our tax code is made up of nearly 4 million words. your numbers -- you can also join us on our social media sites, including many of you are weighing in on the tax issue. you can send us an e-mail or a tweet @cspanwj. "the arizona republic" has this headline -- from "the huffington post" -- as many as 60% of americans hire a professional or use tax corporation software, and another 30% -- only 10% do it on their own. one change has happened each day. everybody complains about the duplicity of the tax code. the number one problem, politician seem to agree that the road to tax simplification goes through lower rates and a broader base. you can read more online at some of you are weighing in on twitter and facebook. eric cantor, the house republican leader, weighing in on taxes and the tax code. [video clip] we are three days before ta
, grover for your leadership and the fight against higher taxes. as we can see yet again this week, by the submission of his budget, which was 65 days late. president obama wants to raise taxes so he can grow government even more. not only do we balance in 10 years in the house's budget we get the economy moving again without raising taxes. when you look at the senate budget and the president's budget they raise taxes by $1 trillion and never get to balance. it show you the choice of two different approachs. we've been calling for pro-growth tax reform that lowers overall rates so we can get the economy moving again and create jobs. it has been proven to work every time it's tried and i'm encouraged that the full committee is committed to moving on tax reform that actually gets our economy moving again. if you look at what the president has been doing on taxes, he loves hiding behind straw men and calling taxes on millionaires and billionaires but if you look at the details it hits hard-working middle-class families in the gut. just last week the president was on billionaires row i
by higher taxes. enough they have company. us. welcome everybody. glad to have you. do any of you remember this? >> if you make under $250,000, you will not see your taxes increase by a single dime. not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains tax. not any tax. you won't see your taxes increase one single dime. >> one single dime. >> the middle class doesn't need a tax hike. >> well, yeah, that was then. fox on top of a tax hit over the top, actually, way -- well, under the top. because if you make less than 250 grand, let's just say life with the taxman won't be grand anymore. you could get slammed badly. especially if you're a smoker. you're looking at a tax on a pack of cigarettes almost doubling to two bucks, or let's say you're a flyer. try $18 billion in new fees to pay for aviation security. or let's say you are a saver. 59 billion bucks in taxes on banks and brokerage firms and life insurance companies that will be passed only to you via higher fees and charges. or if you are, i don't know, drive,let 94 million bucks in energy taxes that will work their way to
to immigrants who are paying in to the tax system, that is definitely an economic loss. yes, it's an economic win for the businessman who gets the cheap labor, but it's not an economic win for ann or most workers. >> some people are saying, though, that this argument about getting entitlements in welfare is not true because the legislation will be written better than that. >> oh, give me a break! we have 50% of illegal immigrants getting food stamps now! >> grover, what's your reaction? this is the entitlement argument, this is the heritage foundation, this is the robert recollecter argument. you have to contend, you heard ann, what's your response? >> let's be fair to the heritage foundation nchlgt 2006 they put out a professionally, seriously done study that said immigrants are a boon to the country and produce more than they consume. so heritage has been on the record with a serious study that was quite good and we shouldn't stick them with some of the other studies that haven't been as well thought through from time to time. holt seekan has done another study to reduce the deficit over th
, the action taken in january was the most significant step in that direction by raising the top tax rate really in a generation. >> well, thank you very much. i yield back, mr. chairman. >> thank you. and at this point i'm going to go two to one, so i'll start with mr.-- [inaudible] you're recognized for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. secretary, my subcommittee on human resources will be holding a hearing next week on unemployment insurance. and so i want to focus on -- i have one question related to unemployment insurance, but also want to use it as an example of a comment that you made earlier that people, including corporations and small businesses, are confused about the budget and our process here and also as sort of a lack of understanding as to really what's going on. >> that's probably something we can all agree on. [laughter] >> yeah, i think you're right. including myself. so i have two documents. this is, i guess, part of what really creates a little bit of confusion. first, a document from the white house. and then i have a document from the department of treas
to examine the president's budget, let me confirm what i lot of you know, your taxes are going up too. welcome i am neil cavuto, remember that line in the sand, yoyou know the one separated $250,00$250,000 crowd and every, the president just wiped it out. now virtually the rest of the country is paying through the nose as well. it was just a matter of time, and payroll tax of a teaser. but up to now, the presidential ways stuck to the notion real rate hikes were focused on just individuals making more than 200 grand and couples over 250,000, now try more than 40,000 bucks, since that is what the average smoker makes and the tax on his tax of cigarettes just doubled from a dollar 1 to a buck 95 for tax. and higher prices at gas pump, and utility bills, that 7's utility bills and everyone's gas pump. and the itemized deduced deducts sneakier, no matter what tax bracket you are in you cannot benefit from itemized deduction, last time i checked there were 3 brackets higher. so, all of those families vast majority make below 200,000 will not be able to fully deduct charitable contributions
available to every child in america. and we're going to pay for it by raising taxes on tobacco products that harm our young people. it's the right thing to do. \[applause] we'll reform our high schools and job training programs to equip more americans with the skills they need to compete in the 21st century economy. and we'll help more middle-class families afford the rising cost of college. to make sure hard work is rewarded, we'll build new ladders of opportunity into the middle class for anybody who's willing to work hard to climb them. so we'll partner with 20 of our communities hit hardest by the recession to help them improve housing and education and business investment and we should make the minimum wage a wage you can live on because no one who works full time should have to raise his or her family in poverty. \[applause] my budget also replaces the foolish across-the-board spending cuts that are already hurting our economy. and i have to point out that many of the same members of congress who supported deep cuts are now the ones complaining about them the loudest as they hit t
heidegger thinks. the business of taxes. grover norquist coming up. extreme investors are talking about something called the bitcoin. the latest from our old friend coming up. we are talking about who raleigh. much more coming up here on markets now. ♪ connell: grover norquist is standing by. there is also this report out that that the irs can read your e-mails, tweets and tax. judge andrew napolitano will be here a little bit later on. stocks with nicole petallides. nicole: though both keep running here on wall street. we are getting closer to 15,000. no worries here. majority of dow component well into the green. names like hewlett-packard and microsoft are under pressure. about 20 negative dow points. slow down qe. the number one headline is we are close to golf 15,000. connell: we will stay on top of that. we also want to talk about the job market today. the estimate was for 365. that was better then the expected number. the number of americans quitting their jobs is now at its highest level. believe it or not, this is seen by many people as a good sign. good to see you, dan. if i
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,131 (some duplicates have been removed)